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The first look into the sales room must leave you wanting more. This includes an attractive lighting for the store window that sets the highlights of your offer advantageous in scene, for example, point light sources or dynamic accent lighting. Also important is a warm, friendly lighting atmosphere that draws visitors inside the shop. Equally important is a warm, friendly lighting atmosphere drawing visitor into the interior of the shop. From the small boutique around the corner to the big designer label: stores need a distinctive character for long-term business success.

Brand-defining lighting increases the recognition value of large chain stores, creative solutions create individuality and arouse curiosity.

And for operators of professional and supermarkets, the calculation is simple: Customers who feel comfortable, will come back. And light plays a decisive role. This already starts in the entrance area: skillfully chosen lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere when entering the market, which makes you want to go shopping. During shopping, you can achieve the best effects with a combination of uniform general lighting and focused light accents.

This makes it easier for customers to navigate between aisles and shelves and special offers, signs and signposts with pointed light sources.

By the way, especially for supermarkets GIGALICHT also provides luminaires for refrigeration units and freezers in its product range, as well as luminaires with special light colors and color filters for freshly prepared foods such as fish, meat, vegetables and bakery products.


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