References - Sports Facilities

Whether district league or Champions League, lights for outdoor sports arena need always to perform: High lumen efficiency, long lifetime and durable construction methods for outdoor use.

Nowadays LED-based floodlights can also easily illuminate the largest sports arena according to all the standard and guideline requirements of sports associations. Because at the same time these LED solutions are much more economical, even for smaller clubs it is worthwhile to renovate their small and medium-sized sports fields: less power consumption, no lamp replacement, instant luminous flux with 100 percent – or in other words: 3: 0 for LED.

Similar to street lighting it is very important to keep an eye on anti-glare and avoidance of stray lights especially for sport arenas and stadiums.

For this Gigalicht is using reflectors in the lights which ensures to control the light targets, to avoid these unwanted effects.

In gyms and multipurpose halls there are trainings and tournaments for various sports, as well as events and concerts. In other words: many different standards to consider, always different but high standards.

For these areas, the lighting concept must ensure a uniform illumination of the sports arena with up to 750 lux, at the same time athletes and players may not be blinded either directly or by reflections, especially in sports with overhead view.

If there are cultural events and other events, the number of light requirements increases drastically.


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