Quality Lead with LED

Quality from own production control

Gigalicht is a market leader, regarding the LED quality. We have our own production for our LED illuminants. Thereby we guarantee an excellent quality and are even able to manufacture small batches for special customer requests. Our LED lights are among the most efficient in the European market. By our own production we bypass the intermediate trade and offer you thereby leading quality at a favorable price.

We produce out of conviction in China. But product quality from Chinese factories are very volatile, there are real high-performance companies that also produce for other quality manufacturers, but certainly also factories that are far away from reaching that standard and just argue exclusively about the price.

For this reason, we work with our own inspection officers in our manufactories. In addition, we rely on external testing companies, so that we can be sure that all of our Gigalicht products will always be manufactured and delivers in the specified quality. This can only be achieved by sampling and total control in each manufacturing process. This is the real strength of our company.

Many years of experience makes us the perfect partner, if a good price and quality is important for you.



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