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HP-S Series

Easy installation

Our extra -flat HP-S series GIGALICHT© Highbaylight are designed to be operate at highest efficiency level, to produce as much light as possible with the lowest energy consumption available, while remaining as flexible as possible in the installation.

Especially in areas which have limited space for installation the GIGALICHT© HP-S Series is the best choice. Fitted with long brackets, there are different varieties for installation, like wall mounted installation, with different angles there are no limits for any illumination, easy and fast.

Flexible use

Whether in warehouses, gas stations, offices or other area, where ever there is limited space, the HP-S series can be used. Instead of the bracket simply use a mounting frame, short brackets or suspension kit, and this light can be installed in many different locations.

Favorable price – with highest quality

With the use of high precision optics with very high transmission factors, there is no need to have reflectors without any loss of performance. And also, with our HP-S series we achieve compliance with labor law regulations in accordance with DIN EN 12464-1.  Of course, our GIGALICHT© HP-S Series is TUV approved and certified.

TÜV-certificate GIGALICHT-HPS-Serie

With the usage of high-performance LED, we are able to create clear colors with higher CRI factors than comparable products on the market. GIGALICHT© HP-S Highbaylights have a lumen efficiency up to 145 Lumens per Watt and a maximum efficiency of 29.000 lumens with an output of 200W, so they are one of the most efficient and affordable products on the German market, also available with controlling by dimming as an option.

Available now with Ex-proof certification

High quality doesn’t have to be expensive – our HP-S Series proves that again and again. Since this year even as certified explosion proof version.

Last but not least

Despite a unique price-performance ratio, for this product you also get a 5-year full-service warranty for this GIGALICHT© product.


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