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GIGALICHT© Lightcontrol

Lighting control- that sounds complicated and expensive!

But that is not true, if working with GIGALICHT©.

Because our modern light management system offers more than the opportunity to save energy and costs – it simplifies economics and the resource efficiency comfortable and flexible for your company.

The basic idea is very simple. We focus on the different lighting needs in your environment, for that we divide areas into virtual spaces in which the lighting can be flexible adjusted, because the needs can change at any time. Basis for this is intelligent light control, using daylight harvesting sensors, motion detectors and well-planned light scenarios to ensure that always light is available at the right time and the right quantity. With the help of virtual rooms, any change can be realized quick and easy – simply by operating a web configuration.

We rely on controllers and services of leading German providers, nearly our entire range of products can be equipped with DALI or Zigbee optimized converters, so that a modern light management system can be realized easy and at low cost with us.

Please ask your sales partner for the right product for you.


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