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Panel H0-Series

Efficient and low cost

With a GIGALICHT© UltraSlim LED panel of the H0- series and the H1- series you can set special accents to your interior design and also save a lot of money. With 11 mm ultra-flat, high quality and 0-10V / DALI dimmable. Without any extra charge.

With our new high-performance LED panels with 3500 lumens of true light output at 24 watts consumption and 4450 lumens of true light output with 30 watts of consumption, we offer you the most effective and brightest LED panels on the market.

And with our 36-watt power panel with 5,000 lumens of light output we play in the Champions League of premium light providers, always dimmable and DALI compatible.

With the standard dimensions of 62 x 62 cm (60 x 60) and 30 x 120 cm with 24/36-watt consumption, we offer the usual dimensions from our German warehouse located in Rheine, but we also produce other dimensions in small quantities.

Of course, we also deliver our panels with appropriate high-quality mounting frame.



Panel H0 Serie 2019 24W_30W_36W.pdf

Please ask your sales partner for the right product for you.


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