Advance sale for the 3rd benefit concert starts on 01.12.2019

On the 20th of March 2020 the 3rd benefit concert will take place, and again in the Hypothalamus Rheine in Rheine.

Kai de Buhr and Torsten Eilinghoff will once again, as with the previous two concerts, take over all costs and ensure that all income goes to a good cause, this time Zartbitter Münster e.V. can look forward to another generous donation.

The association Zartbitter Münster e.V. is a counseling center for sexualised violence against young people and is funded to a large extent by the city of Münster and the state of NRW, but not completely.

This time Torsten Eilinghoff and Kai de Buhr and Lina Maly were able to sign up for a really great singer / songwriter, who is interrupting her Germany tour for the charity concert in order to come to Rheine.

And the great program will open with the singer / songwriter Fabian von Wegen.

It’s going to be a great evening, get tickets early, the quota is already limited due to the location size. If you book early, then you can also be there.

You will receive the tickets directly via the ticket agencies as described on the poster or at

Hand over check

Donate over 3,500, - EURO for a good cause

Today, together with Torsten Eilinghoff of the agency Eilinghoff + Team , we were able to collect all proceeds of the 2nd charity concert Hand over a donation to the Bunten Kreis Münsterland eV .

Since all costs were borne equally by the agency Eilinghoff + Team and GIGALICHT AG, we were able to collect a total of € 3,500 from our 135 paying and donating guests at the benefit concert on June 14, 2019 through ticket sales and individual donations.

The Public Relations Officer, Ms Katrin Gangloff, took the check today, on 19.06.2019, in the presence of her 2 „governors for Rheine“, Ms. Ruth Schulte and Ms. Brigitte Wittig for the Bunten Kreis Münsterland eV .

Everyone is looking forward to a successful evening, which definitely calls for a repeat.

2nd charity concert in the hypothalamus

Once again this year we organized a charity concert together with our media partner Eilinghoff + Team.

Over 2 hours, the singer / songwriter Lou Dynia from Bocholt patted his best songs together with interpretations of well-known pop classics on our ears, it was a very atmospheric and beautiful evening.

Since we have taken over all the costs of the evening from GIGALICHT and Eilinghoff + Team, all revenues of the 135 guests were donated in favor of the Bunten Kreis Münsterland e.V.

Through tickets and individual donations 3500, – came together, which we handed over to the Bunten Kreis Münsterland e.V. on 19.06.2019.





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