GIGALICHT Light solutions are ready from the start

Cheap LED lamps have  primarily one fact, they are CHEAP. This simply means that many optimization options can’t be integrated, since price and not performance is the most important feature of the product.

That is not how we work.

We produce good value bulbs that have to withstand the highest demands of an energy-efficient light source. This is the only way we can guarantee the quality and durability that we consider necessary for efficient lighting.

Because „cheap“ has a price, and that is above all in the durability and in the wrong Watt / Lumen ratio and in missing or substandard components. Because if LED bulbs look similar, but GIGALICHT products consume 20% less energy with the same brightness and last 5 years longer thanks to better components, then they are well worth their price.

And the most important thing.

Every light source is produced and transported, and here too we are the real green light source. Because our products are brighter and last longer, less energy needs to be used for production and transportation than for cheap LED bulbs. That helps the CO2 balance in advance.

Intelligent lighting solutions instead of „Cheap off the peg“

Maybe you have already opted for an energy-efficient solution and have already converted your offices, halls or exterior lighting with LEDs. Even here there are usually still optimization possibilities, because with intelligent lighting solutions even more energy and thus costs can be saved.


Please ask your sales partner for the right product for you.


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