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Perfect industrial lighting instead of just good

Especially in industrial areas and warehouses, the illumination of the working places is often treated neglectful, even though there are clear guidelines according to the DIN EN 12464-1 “Illuminating of workplaces indoors” standard. But not only because it is a requirement, high-quality lighting is recommended.

It increases the efficiency of your employees and reduces the number of accidents at work, even those which are not reported. If you can see better, you will make less mistakes.

High illumination needs a lot to consider, of sufficient brightness, high anti glare, targeted vision enhancement, low contrast ranges and many other features.

Our job is to make your employees feel that light is productive and enjoyable, and light has only positive effects in your company.

But regardless of the human factors, the economic factors are not negligible. If you use less electricity by LED light, you pay less for electricity and improve your carbon footprint.


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