Products - Trunking Light

GIGALICHT© LED Linelights are used wherever the lumen efficiency of LED T8 tubes is insufficient and Highbay lights are not suitable because of lower ceiling height. Or just because you need more design and functionality. With different beam angles from 30°/ 60° / 90° up to 120° the light distribution can be adjusted to the requirements. Even special beam angles, 25° right/ left each are available for an accurate adjustment without extra charge.

With its modular design, the GIGALICHT© Trunk Light System Pro provides the opportunity of easy modernization or maintenance in many years simply by replacing the LED module.

As an additional feature, the angle of the Trunk Light can be adjusted with a sensor.

With an efficiency up to 130 lumen per watt, the Trunk Light System Pro is one of the most effective energy saving products having a high lumen efficiency at the same time. In addition, GIGALICHT© Linelight can optionally be equipped with DALI/ KNX controls, which allows to optimized the Lighting according to the daylight.

Please ask your sales partner for the right product for you.


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